Happiness – we are all capable of it, yet it remains elusive so many.  We live in a great place, but even here life can be stressful and uncertain. In fact most people experience mental distress at multiple periods throughout life. Many people try to get better on their own, but find that they get faster and better results with professional guidance.

This guidance helps because of the difficulty everyone has in seeing their own “blind spots.” These “blind spots” are the mental and physical habits that are difficult to see in ourselves and our relationships. Coaching can also give you a fresh and hopeful point of view.

At Peak Clarity, we believe in therapy that is experiential and solution-focused, so you can begin to feel and do things that will enhance your satisfaction in life and your relationships. We will do much more than listen to your struggles. We will support you, challenge you, offer skills and feedback, and help you move toward your goals.

We have a number of tools available.  With most clients, we use a combination of behavioral, cognitive, and experiential techniques to get you unstuck.  For severe or peak performance situations, we offer Neurofeedback brain training.

 Let Us Help You:

  • Get through a life transition , such as marriagenew parenthood, divorce, or other major changes in your life.
  • Learn mental and behavioral skills that will encourage healing outside of therapy.
  • Overcome addiction and compulsive behaviors.
  • Make sense of difficult or traumatic experiences in the present or past.
  • Deal with miscommunication or “stuck” patterns in relationships.
  • Explore existential and spiritual issues.
  • Discover and address what is holding you back.
  • Find balance and enhance the life you have.
  • Regulate your brain and nervous system with Neurofeedback

Unsure How To Begin?

Start by reading about Jackie and Dustin and decide who would be the best fit for your concerns. If you would like to know how we think about counseling, you can read or search our blog. You can then contact us by email or phone to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation, or make an appointment. Questions are always welcome! It is important that you feel a good “fit” with your counselor. It’s common to be a little nervous before making the first call, but our friendly therapists will put you at ease.

Questions? Call   970-480-0707

Dustin Johnson (Stress Management, Addictions, Compulsive Behaviors, Couples, Boys/Men’s Issues)
(Anxiety/Stress, Phobias, Panic, Emotional Issues, High-Conflict Couples Therapy)